Earbuddy prides itself on having some of the best music coverage on the Internet, and we also have exclusive columns written by our music staff discussing our favorite bands, current music news, and live events.  Check out some of our columns below.

Special one-off columns covering a variety of topics on your favorite artists, genres, and albums.

Chris Bell puts together music playlists so good that they’re likely to rival your best cassette mixtapes of the past; complete with Spotify links.

There are the essential albums that need to be in everyone’s collection. There are the personal favorites, the ones that aren’t highly acclaimed but still get played every once in a while. And then there are the albums that you stick in the back of your collection because you want to forget that you spent money on them. “Own It or Disown It” gives the writer the opportunity to look at such discarded albums and determine if they are diamonds in the rough or if they deserve to be used as mini-frisbees.

Don’t Blow Your Cover lets you decide whether a band can breathe new life into an older, established song.

Our resident electronic expert Cristina Trujillo picks a song and gives us her favorite 3 remixes for it. Feel free to debate!